Parent Internet Skills

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Knowledge with Confidence


Understand what your children do online

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Parent Internet Skills

Help your children use the Internet safely

Encourage learning & development with Internet use

See what your children do with their smartphone


Your children are at the cutting edge of technology.  The peer-to-peer learning and development for technology usage cannot be matched by any other teaching method.  


We can give you the skills and knowledge to oversee their online activity.  Giving you the ability to:


1.  See what your children are doing online.

2.  Teach your children how to use the internet.

3.  Keep them safe.


Our courses are designed to be easy to follow and easy to learn from.  No technical jargon, no going 'too fast'.  


We are always creating new courses and sessions, if you have any particular area you would like some assistance with please Contact Us.

We hold weekly courses across the country that cover all aspects of Children's online activity.  

Do you have a specific issue you need help with?  We are always able to help and point in you in the right direction and offer any assistance you may need.  


Parenting isn't easy, following the latest trends and patterns in online behavour is even harder.  Come and talk to us, we will give you all the information, confidence and skills you need to stay ahead of the game.  

Giving Parents the knowledge & skills to:


Did you know...

24% of children viewed eating disorder releated websites

20% looked at self harm images

6% said they had viewed violent adult websites

17.3% said they 'considered trying it'

Survey by Netmums April 2013